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Toni Braxton Concert in Las Vegas Nevada by Robert (Vegas Bob) Swet 2-6-2008

I purchased Toni Braxton tickets from a ticket vendor in Las Vegas one week before the show. I mentioned to the man that I wanted to get as close to the stage as possible. It was me and my wife's wedding anniversary, and I wanted the best seats. It wasn't me and my wife's anniversary, but I thought I would give it a try.

The man I purchased the tickets from mentioned that sometimes Toni will come down in the front of the stage and sit on your lap and sing to you, I said (what ever). Several days before the show I called my family and friends and told them I was going to the Toni Braxton Show and she was going to sit on my lap and sing to me, they said your just a dreamer.

15 years ago when Toni's first CD came out there was a song that I really liked which was called Another Sad Love Song. I really liked the beat and thought it was a very sexy the way that Toni sang it. I never thought in a million years that she would be singing it to me at her show.

I have seen many shows in Las Vegas. Some of my favorites have been: Celine Dion when she played, Elton John was very good, The " O " SJubilee, Legends in concert, Zumanity was cute, Le Reve, American Superstars, The Beatles Love, and many more.

I would have to say though of all the shows that I have seen in Las Vegas, none of them can beat The Toni Braxton Show. I slow danced with her, she sat on my lap and sang my Another Sad Love Song to me, gave me a little kiss on the cheek and said thank you. A memory that will never leave my mind.

" Thank you so much Toni for being so real and down to earth"

Toni Braxton

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Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz

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