Monday, June 2, 2008


" Dreams do come true "

(this one's for you Nu Nu)

This is a true story of a dream come true, and I have dedicated this story to my lovely wife Nu Nu.

The story started back in fall of 2001 back in the state of Minnesota. Nine years ago I had gone through a terrible divorce with a child involved. The divorce was so bad I said to myself like others do, I would never ever get married again.

I lived in a small house two hours north of Minneapolis/ St. Paul in a town called Crosby, population 2000. I had lived up in Crosby for 6 years and worked with my brother off and on. My sister kept bothering telling me, you need to get a girlfriend and I said to her after the last marriage I am very bitter towards women.

At this time I had a dream journal and was studying the pattern of my dreams. I had a very vivid dream about a little Asian girl around 2-3 years of age that was lost and could not find her parents. I held the little girls hand and walked her around trying to find her parents, I said to the little girl don't worry we will find them.

It was about four months later and I ran an ad in the personals newspaper down in the cities. I received a call from a young Asian lady named Nu Nu one month later and she told me she was from Myanmar (Burma) and was working down in the cities. After we had dated for several weeks Nu Nu mentioned to me that she had a daughter back in Myanmar named Yumi and she was 2 ½ years old. I thought to myself this is really weird I had a dream about her daughter being lost not being able to find her parents.

I knew at this time that I was going to be with Nu Nu for a long time, and to not let her go. Nu Nu was brought to me somehow from as far a Myanmar for some reason and I married her three months after we had met.

Nu Nu and I have been married for 6 years and I am crazy about her, and as for her daughter Yumi, I helped bring her mother and father together to be with her.

Here is a picture of us together taken 4-14-2008 in Myanmar.

Story and photo by: Robert Swetz