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Mother has not seen her daughter in 6 years ... ?

Manu War came to the United States of America from Myanmar (Burma) in the year 2002. It took Manu 5 years to even get a Visa to visit the USA. Before she came to the USA she sang for over ten years to support a family of 8 because her father had died of a heart attack at age 55. Manu adopted 2 twin boys in Myanmar that were left at the Hospital, adopted another young girl to help with the family and gave birth to a girl named Yumi Tanaka in the year 2000, they call her (Cherry).

Manu's visa expired and she received a extension for another six months to stay in the USA. I met Manu back in Minneapolis Minnesota where she was working for a Sushi Company. We daited for 5 months and fell in love and were married in a small town in northern Minnesota.

Going through the immigration process was very difficult for us and it took me and Manu almost 2 years before she even received a Green Card. Two different Lawyers had ripped us off for almost $4,000.00 dollars.

We moved to Las Vegas in the year 2003 because Las Vegas was growing so fast and I am a journeyman Glazier (glass installer) and install windows in high-rise buildings. In 2003, I became a licensed Realtor and started selling Real Estate in Las Vegas.

While living in Las Vegas we filed to bring Manu's daughter Cherry here through Immigration (CIS) Homeland Security, Toll Free number ( 800-375-5283 ) in the year 2004. Case number WAC-05-153-50696. Her case was approved May 10th of 2005 and the approval notice was sent to The (NVC) Department of National Visa Center phone number (603) 334-0700 . We are giving the case number and contact numbers so people can help us find out what is happening with Cherry's case, if need be.

The Department of National Visa Center sent the approval letter back to Homeland Security (CIS) Immigration to be revued, for what? This in very unusual and very rarely does (NVC) ever send a approval letter back to (CIS). I have contacted (CIS) Immigration over a dozen different times in the last 2 years, phone calls, emails, etc. I even wrote a letter to President George Bush through, and also sent a email to Senator Harry Reid in Nevada. Senator Harry Reid's office contacted me and tried to find out what was happening with Cherry's case, (CIS) had no answers. It is 2-26-2008 now and Cherry's case was approved 5-10-2005 and we still don't know what is happening with Cherry's case. Our Attorney wants another $2500.00 dollars to file lawsuit papers against (CIS) Immigration and he mentioned to us that 90% of his Immigration cases he files suit against (CIS).

What is going on here? Is this some type of a scam that the attorney's and (CIS) Immigration have going on here? It has been three years now, this case should not take any longer then 12 months. Manu left her daughter when she was 2 years old to come to America to find a better life than what was offered to her in Myanmar. Cherry is 8 years old now and in October she will be 9 years of age. Manu has not seen her daughter Cherry in 6 years now. Manu spoke with Cherry 6 months ago and Cherry's words were, you promised me that I could live with you and Daddy in America. Every time Manu calls Cherry, she cries telling her mother that you promised.

Manu has been buying many different businesses in Las Vegas and it is very difficult for us to go visit Cherry in Myanmar, and Manu does not want to visit her unless she can bring her back. I was over in Myanmar 3 years ago when Manu didn't have her Green Card and could not leave the USA. Manu's family is very warm and kind, and Cherry is the sweetest young girl.

There is not much more I can say, I have tried to adopt Cherry, filed all the papers needed to bring her here and nothing, we are still waiting and (CIS) Immigration will not tell us why.

If anyone has any suggestion's on any action that we can take to bring Manu and her daughter Cherry back together, please let us know. (PRAYERS WOULD BE NICE TOO)! Manu has the kindest, biggest heart in the world and there is no reason that she should have to be away from her daughter any longer, six years is long enough. Here are some photos of Cherry that were emailed to us 1 week ago from Myanmar (Burma).

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