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I would like to share some experiences when I was on a resent vacation in South East Asia. From April 11th to May 14th I was on vacation in Myanmar (Burma) where I traveled all through the Country.

When I was in Bagan and Mandalay I visited many, many Temples that date back 1,000 years. While visiting I noticed hundreds of people meditating and praying, something I don't really see in America.

Being a spiritual person I started to feel the energy and the calmness of the people around the Temples. In America we have churches and services twice a week, but not the feeling that you get when in Myanmar and other parts of Asia. Every where, everywhere you go in Myanmar on every block there is a Temple.

Coming back to America I really miss being able to walk anywhere and slip into a temple and close my eyes and get in touch with my spirituality. I am able to get this feeling when out in nature, but it seems like something is missing.

When I was sitting on top of some large hill or building and looking as many as 7,000 different Temples in Bagan that date back 1,100 years I couldn't stop thinking about all the people that had been there before me. All the praying and meditating that did.

When I sat with my eyes closed I felt a warmness, a feeling of happiness and calmness, a " Spiritual Awakening " I have only been back for three days and I already miss it!

Photos and story by: Robert Swetz


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