Friday, January 13, 2012

Marketing the BIG FISH

It takes a large amount of time, money and patients to Market for (THE BIG FISH). I have been buying Investment Properties for over 20 years and have been selling Real Estate in Las Vegas for 7 years now. I started in Residential for the first two years and then moved into Commercial, Land and Investment Properties.

I do still sell Residential, but that is mostly to Relatives. On my wife's side there are approximately 250. I would be crazy not too. (THE BIG FISH) is around the corner for me, it has been read in my cards and I can just feel it. Commercial Properties can take a very long time 6-12 months, sometimes longer.

I push out approximately 5,000 business cards per year, some post cards and other mail outs, three different magazines, pens, two newspapers, one in Burmese. Some Brokers and Agents say, Why do you waste all your time and money on all this advertisement? I don't really listen to much any more about what the Brokers and other agents say, I am doing just fine. I have a very large group of Investors with very large portfolios from all my advertisement and it takes a long time to build trust with them. (THE BIG FISH) is coming real soon from getting my name out there.

So in the mean time as I wait for (THE BIG FISH), I never let my line loose and continue to feel for the big jerk and then I will set the hook.

I also have picked up on some of my old talents from so many years ago. I have studied Art, Photography, Writing and Music for over 30 years now. And it looks like I will be Producing, Directing, Acting and Writing for some films in Las Vegas later in the year of 2008. I am also looking for a Commercial Building to convert into a Gallery to display my work and the work of other Artists from around the world.

Sound like a Dreamer? Maybe, maybe not. We will see in the next couple of years.

I forgot, I am also working on a book that will hopefully be complete in the end of 2009. Once complete, this book will help women and children from around the world. And will become so big and controversial that I will have to not have my name on the book. No one, no one knows what my book if about and I have to leave it that way.

Until next time, good health and take care of yourselves

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Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz

Robert (Vegas Bob) Swetz

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