Tuesday, July 8, 2014

THE KEY TO SUCCESS by John C. Maxwell

 Many people who came before you searched for success and never found it. 
 They thought of it as the Holy Grail or Fountain of Youth, something to be captured at the end of a ling quest. 
 Some believed it was a relationship to be won. 
Others supposed it was a position to be earned or a subject to be possessed.
 But success is none of those things. It's not a destination to be reached. It is a process, a journey to be taken. And you do it one day at a time.
 It takes most people some time to discover what God created them for. If you are willing, you can explore the world and learn more about your purpose every day.
 You can engage in activities that help you grow a little more in mind, body or spirit. An you can perform some act, large or small, that helps others.
 Success is knowing your purpose in life, sowing seeds that benefit others, and growing to your maximum potential.
 The door to your potential is waiting for you. The key is to be on the journey.
 Keep at it day in and day out. If you are, you're a success today. And you'll be a success tomorrow.

John C. Maxwell

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